Online Sessions


Modern teaching methods are the way forward in education and the ‘click’ learning process has an ever expanding popularity. We believe that teaching with technology cannot replace teachers, however, tutors who use technology will undoubtedly succeed more than those who do not. Furthermore, online tuition makes it possible for the tutors living far away from the students to provide sessions. It is also cheaper than home and centre tuition.

At Pathshala we provide two modes of online tuition – Skype and Email.


Our 5 step online tutoring strategy involves:

Pre-tutoring evaluation

Initially, the tutor must communicate and understand the students’ needs and create their profile, while considering the parents requests. This can be completed in centre or online.

Tailored learning

This is the objective setting stage, where SMART goals are created between tutor, student and parent to allow the child to achieve grades that their school/college can expect.


Here, the student and tutor connect online via skype or email sessions completing lessons outcomes.


At this stage, the tutor provides a written exercise or task that must be completed and uploaded in order for the tutor to mark and provide written and verbal feedback.


The tutor evaluates the students’ performance and learning attainments in fortnightly basis with monthly parental feedback also.