Abu M M Reza

Abu M M Reza

PhD Law Candidate, University of London

LLM in Criminology & Criminal Justice, LSE - University of London

LLM in Advanced Legal Practice, Northumbria University

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Criminology, Cambridge University

MSt in Applied Criminology & Penology, Cambridge University

MSt in International Human Rights Law, Oxford University

MRes in Public Law, London Metropolitan University

CPE, Nottingham Trent University

Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn (non-practicing)

Solicitor, England & Wales

Commonwealth Scholar

Immigration & Asylum Accreditation Scheme (UK) accredited Senior Caseworker and Supervisor

Mr Reza is a highly qualified and vastly experienced academic, scholar and legal practitioner. He acts as a voluntary consultant for Pathshala providing valuable advice towards its LLM, LLB, GDL and Legal Research programmes.