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It is crucial that the students are confident at their Maths, English and Science at the GCSE Stage. Those of many talented children whose fundamental problems unresolved find GCSE a difficult impediment. At PATHSHALA, individualised teaching solves students’ reservations in their subject area while providing intense revision to prepare them for GCSE.

Our GCSE Science tuition encourages students to comprehend the theoretical concepts and be able to apply their knowledge. We provide subject guidance in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students have the opportunity to take single, double or triple science tuition.

Group classes are held on weekdays and/or weekends. Prior to allocating a lesson we carry out a free of charge assessment in order to understand the individual learning needs of the student. The results of the assessment are then communicated with the tutor, parents and the student on how we can improve their grades. The free initial assessments also allow us to monitor progression.

Class sizes are small, averaging between four to five student in a class so that students obtain appropriate individualised time and attention from the tutor in order to target the struggle needed to tackle the topics with which they are struggling. One to one tuition is also a provision and can also be arranged upon request.

Importantly, those who receive GCSE tuition from year 10 or earlier have the best opportunity of achieving well in their GCSE exams compared to student who seek only intense revision just before their exams.

We encourage parents to enrol their child at an early start just one hour per week per subject rather than enrolling for many hours per week per subject just very near to the exam. We understand the cost of tuition can be demanding, thus, we offer flexible payment options, (including online payments) which parents can discuss at the time of enrolment.

GCSE CORE subjects


We offer Higher Tier or Foundation Tier Maths for students depending on their capability. Students are constantly assessed through regular and termly progress tests to identify where they need improvement and coupled with their previous Maths knowledge they are taught on concepts and techniques to retain knowledge.


We offer GCSE English and GCSE Literature. Students are assessed regularly, typically during the summer exam cycle. And an additional assessment window may be available in November depending on the specification availability. Students are continuously assessed through coupled with their previous English knowledge they are taught on reading and writing skills.


We offer GCSE Science which counts as a single GCSE or double award for higher and foundation levels. Students will take exams from any awarding body with the Controlled Assessments. We are capable of offering the GCSE in Additional Science following an initial assessment of capability and capacity. 

Other Subjects

We can also provide home tuition and online tuition for other GCSE subjects. Contact us for the availability of our tutors. 


Why us?

  • Free first lesson to help you decide
  • Regular assessments
  • Exam preparations through mock exams and past papers
  • Regular progress report
  • Homework support
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Flexible hours
  • Small group size (maximum 5)
  • One-to-one sessions are available
  • Money back guarantee (for up to 4 weeks) if you are not satisfied with our service