BPTC Complete

BPTC Complete

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The course offers complete package for the Bar Professional Training Course. In this course we provide tuition support for all the mandatory BPTC subjects , i.e. Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Professional Ethics, ADR, Drafting, Opinion Writing, Advocacy (submission, chief and cross), and Conference.

This standard format provides 6 hours of class each week, and would take about 6 months to be completed. This course is run throughout the year. Please call our office to check the start date of the next batch.

Price: £10 to £30 an hour.


Why choose Pathshala?

  • Free first lesson
  • Suitably qualified and experienced,teachers
  • Assessment after each lesson
  • Both SAQ and MCQ practice in each class for Civil Lit, Criminal Lit, Ethics and ADR
  • Free notes and materials
  • Three sets of complete exercises on each advocacy, conference, opinion writing and drafting
  • 3 sets of mocks - for Civil Lit, Criminal Lit, Ethics and ADR.
  • Detailed feedbacks on mocks
  • Weekend and evening classes
  • Renew your course for 20% fees if you fail