BPTC Complete Intense

BPTC Complete Intense

Courses Info

The course offers complete package for the Bar Professional Training Course. In this course we provide tuition support for all the mandatory BPTC subjects , i.e. Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Professional Ethics, ADR, Drafting, Opinion Writing, Advocacy (submission, chief and cross), and Conference.

This intense format provides 12 hours of class each week, and would take about 3 months to be completed. This course is run throughout the year. Please call our office to check the start date of the next batch.

Price: £10 to £30 an hour.

Why choose us?

  • Free first lesson
  • Suitably qualified and experienced,teachers
  • Assessment after each lesson
  • Both SAQ and MCQ practice in each class for Civil Lit, Criminal Lit, Ethics and ADR
  • Free notes and materials
  • Three sets of complete exercises on each advocacy, conference, opinion writing and drafting
  • 3 sets of mocks - for Civil Lit, Criminal Lit, Ethics and ADR.
  • Detailed feedbacks on mocks
  • Weekend and evening classes
  • Renew your course for 20% fees if you fail