About us


We are a London based private tuition providing business. Our journey started as @HABIBS in 2009 on a limited extent. We then changed our name to Pathshala and incorporated our company Pathshala Ltd in 2012.

We provide tuition support to a wide range of learners, including – School Students, GCSE and A Levels examinees, University Students (as well as students under external programmes), learners of some professional courses, like BPTC, BTT and learners of various languages, e.g. English, Arabic and Bangla. For details of our services, please visit Our Services section.

We provide Home Tuition service on a wide range of subjects. Our charges for Home Tuition starts from £15 per hour. We have a pool of experienced tutors, who themselves achieved commendable success in their academic career, and have sufficient experience in respective teachings sectors.

You can have tuition support at our Tuition Centre where we are running some specified courses at various academic levels. Taking tuition support at our Tuition Centre would be much cheaper compared to Home Tuition. The service charge for tuition at our centre ranges from £6 an hour to £30 an hour.

We are also providing Online Tuition service through Skype and emails. For details of online sessions please see Skype & Email Sessions section of our website.